OTIFYD & MAD20 Partnership

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, LEAP Event, March 2024 – OTIFYD, EMEA’s next-generation OT security services provider, has signed a partnership with MAD20™ Technologies, the MITRE ATT&CK® DefenderTM training and certification provider across the GCC and Turkey regions.

The partnership between OTIFYD and MAD20 helps to close the persistent cybersecurity skills gap, teaching cyber practitioners how best to use MITRE ATT&CK® to gain the advantage over adversaries. ATT&CK provides a common language for cybersecurity professionals to communicate with each other more effectively and better understand real-world adversary behaviours in order to defend their networks and critical systems.

“We are delighted to announce an exciting partnership aimed at bolstering cybersecurity capabilities across the Middle East and Turkey through specialised MITRE ATT&CK training programmes,” said Ali Bozorgmir, Global Director of OT Solutions. “Our region does not need more theoretical-based training. What we need are people with real-world experience and training who can defend the region’s most critical infrastructure, and MAD20’s MITRE ATT&CK Defender training is delivering exactly that.”

“What captured our attention was real-world attack emulation based on different APT groups, where users experience the exact same tactics, techniques, and procedures used by both IT and ICS APT and adversarial groups,” he added. “MAD20’s training in collaboration with the CYBER RANGES platform will improve end-users’ chances of a faster detection and efficient response.”

“We can think of no better partner for the expansion of our offering in the OT cybersecurity arena,” said Reggie Stevens, CEO of MAD20 Technologies. “We look forward to the fantastic new content and combined capabilities we will be able to offer to the growing global MITRE ATT&CK community. This is a win for the global Defender who continues to hone the skills needed to defend against an increasingly advanced adversary.”


OTIFYD is an elite team of highly trained and experienced industrial control system and certified security experts, with their prime and only focus on industrial cyber security. OTIFYD bridges the IT and OT divide by providing consultancy services, solutions, and training across the EMEA, enabling organisations and asset owners to operate their primary processes with confidence, in a secure and resilient environment.

Visit www.otifyd.com for more information. Follow OTIFYD on X and LinkedIn.

About MAD20:

MAD20 Technologies is the new official home for MITRE ATT&CK® DefenderTM training and certification programs. MAD20 is a spinout of MITRE EngenuityTM, a tech foundation for the public good and subsidiary of The MITRE Corporation (a not-for-profit corporation committed to the public interest, operating federally funded R&D centers (FFRDCs) on behalf of U.S. government sponsors). MAD20 offers just-in-time training and certification on ATT&CK, helping defenders maintain the advantage over adversaries. Its MAD20 training and certification portal includes content and assessments originally developed by the same ATT&CK subject matter experts who created and maintain the ATT&CK framework knowledge base. Collectively, the MAD20 team represents over 40 years of experience among senior members of the U.S. military within cyber operations. The MAD20 system incorporates elements of the software developed by The MITRE Corporation on behalf of the U.S. Government.

For more information, please visit www.mad20.io.

The views and opinions contained in this Press Release are those of OTIFYD and MAD20 only and should not be construed as an official position or endorsement of any vendor, goods, and/or services by The MITRE Corporation or MITRE EngenuityTM.

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