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OT Cyber Security Consultancy

We support asset owner to design, install and maintain cyber resilient operations using a risk-based and outcome-focused approach.

OT Consultancy Services

OTIFYD provides turnkey Operational Technology (OT) consultancy and engineering services – from the design of new systems and upgrades to security assessment, remediation and network segmentation to ongoing managed security and reliability services. Our comprehensive consultancy services have been tailored to cover a wide range of client needs and include:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Incident Response and Business Continuity
  • Table Top Exercises (TTX)
  • OT Threat Intelligence and Response
  • OT Security Posture and Vulnerability Assessment;
  • OT Asset Inventory
  • OT Network Segmentation
  • OT System Hardening
  • OT Penetration Testing
  • OT Security Training and Awareness
  • OT Cyber Security Framework (OT-CSF) Design, implementation and Assurance
  • OT Security Program Deployment and Management
  • OT Security Operations Centre (SOC)
  • Capital Projects Assurance
  • Sensor Level Security Monitoring and Detection Solutions
  • Malevolent Threat Actor Monitoring
  • Digital Forensics Incident Recovery (DFIR)
  • Resource Boost / Staff Augmentation

Our consultancy services are geared toward providing pragmatic “outcome-focused” improvement and risk reduction. This approach helps organisations justify OT cyber security improvements and the associated costs by being armed with better information and understanding of the “What, Why and How?” 

Finally, our consultancy services draw heavily upon industry best practices and standards/frameworks such as ISO/IEC 62443, ISO/IEC 27001, and ISF but can also be tailored to your specific needs.

OT Consultancy Company
Purdue Model and OT Cybersecurity Services

Our Consultancy Services Portfolio

Why Choose OTIFYD?

  • Work with a partner that has been there, and done that before.
  • Our team leverages the best-in-class capabilities of OT cyber security solutions to achieve successful results.
  • Most OT environments have multiple vendor systems which need an integrated services capability approach. Our team has experience in this area and knows how to drive compliance and reliability across different vendors to achieve successful results.
  • Rely on one trusted and committed partner for everything from upfront identification and security assessment to design, configuration, remediation management, hardening, segmentation and ongoing monitoring and compliance services.
  • Experienced team with proven industry experience and a passion for all things OT cyber security.

Yes – of course. Our bespoke consultancy solutions are designed for each individual client, drawing on all the skills and experience available to us. We can also identify and work with third parties for complex engagements. Discover more about our bespoke consultancy services and solutions below or fill in the form to speak to an expert.

Depending on the business goals, challenges and size of the organisation, an engagement scope is typically determined during the initial consultation sessions. For complex challenges and enterprise clients, we typically recommend an assessment phase at the beginning of the project. This ensures that we identify and prioritise everything correctly and develop the best solution to meet your goals.

Although we customise just about everything to your business needs and goals, a typical consulting engagement is started and organised in the following ways:

  1. Initial consultation meeting(s) to determine your goals and current business challenges.
  2. If we require deeper information before or during building a proposal, we’ll have you sign a mutual NDA (non-disclosure agreement).
  3. We’ll develop a proposal that includes a SOW (statement and scope of work), pricing, timelines and any options or recommendations.
  4. Once the scope of the project is agreed upon, we’ll establish you in our secure systems for effective collaboration (if applicable). This will also include a regular communications plan and milestone reporting.
  5. We’ll then work our magic and execute.
  6. Towards the end of the project, we’ll finalise knowledge transfer so the results are sustainable.
  7. Although we’ll do an official closeout of the project, we’ll always be checking in to ensure that everything is working the way it should and you continue seeing the results you expect.

We want your OTIFYD experience to be one you’ll never forget in a good way. Working with consultants shouldn’t be a hassle. We work with you and your teams to make sure the experience and process are great while working towards your goals.

We do both.

Depending on the scope of the project, we typically develop fixed-price contracts. This allows you to have a defined budget with no surprises. Time and materials contracts are more appropriate for short-term consulting engagements or engagements that are more urgent and there isn’t time to properly scope the core issue(s) during the proposal phase.

The length of time of a consulting engagement varies and is based on a number of factors including:

  • Business needs and challenges,
  • Budget
  • Size of the organisation or team
  • Scope of the consulting engagement

The length of our consulting engagements has varied from a few weeks for a quick assessment to a few years for enterprise change management and business transformation initiatives.

Because our success is dependent on your success, we stay very cost conscious. In fact, we try and eliminate travel as much as possible. It saves both money and time. We have worked hard to build virtual and remote working environments that make this possible. Depending on the goals of the engagement, some travel might be required. We will determine that together as we define the engagement plan and scope.