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Staff Augmentation

A cost-effective way to develop high-quality OT cyber security controls, solutions and capabilities.

Staff Augmentation Overview

At a high level, staff augmentation is an outsourcing model that allows you to bring highly skilled tech talent onto your team without the time and overhead required when hiring someone as a full-time staff member. Depending on your needs, you can utilise staff augmentation services to fill a single gap on your team or to build up a fully dedicated team via an outsourcing company.

The professionals or contractors hired through Staff Augmentation are typically highly skilled and specialised in their respective fields. They are hired for a specific period of time, project or until the company feels it can fill the vacant position.

Why OT Staff Augmentation?

OT Staff Augmentation is a business strategy that involves hiring external professionals or contractors to augment or supplement the existing workforce of a company or organisation. This is typically done to address short-term or immediate staffing needs, such as when a company is facing a surge in demand, experiencing rapid growth, or when there is a need to fill a skills gap.

The benefits of Staff Augmentation include:

  • Flexibility: Staff Augmentation allows companies to quickly scale their workforce up or down based on changing business needs, without the overhead costs of hiring and maintaining permanent employees.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Staff Augmentation can be a cost-effective solution for companies that don’t have the budget or resources to hire and train permanent staff.
  • Access to Specialised Skills: By hiring specialised professionals or contractors through Staff Augmentation, companies can gain access to skills and expertise that may not be available within their existing workforce.
  • Increased Productivity: By augmenting their existing staff, companies can increase their productivity and efficiency, allowing them to complete projects and deliver services more quickly and effectively.

OT Staff Augmentation is gaining fast adoption among companies that want a cost-effective way to develop high-quality OT cyber security controls, solutions and capabilities but who may not have the existing resources to do so internally.

Key Benefits of OT Staff Augmentation

  • Staff Projects Faster: It takes time and resource capacity to plan and organise recruitment. You need to draft a job specification and update it on several job portals, sometimes for months. Not only that, but you will also spend time shortlisting and interviewing candidates. When you launch an OT staff augmentation project, the entire task of recruiting falls on OTIFYD. Your team can be ready in a few days or weeks rather than in a few months. Also, with managed services, you don’t have to worry about any administrative and organisational expenses.

  • Access Top OT Talent: The reality is that you may not have sufficient expert-level staff to meet your OT project demands. OT staff augmentation enables you to leverage experienced external resources, saving the time needed for training and retraining as OT experts bring skills and experience into your projects. You only decide the particular skills and technical expertise you expect candidates to possess. OTIFYD will quickly provide you with appropriate candidates to supplement your OT workforce.

  • Build in Flexibility: One of the key benefits of OT staff augmentation for many organisations is that you can easily upscale and downscale your team. Flexibility is built right into OT staff augmentation services.

  • Control Your OT Costs: There are significant costs associated with bringing on full-time staff members: training costs, day-to-day operational costs, allowances and bonuses to improve their happiness, and more. While sometimes this is more than worth it to have a dedicated long-term staff member, other times it just doesn’t make sense. Utilising staff augmentation can help you cut operational costs by hiring high-calibre OT cyber security experts who will produce the same quality and quantity of work at a fractional cost over the length of your project.

Deliverables from our OT Staff Augmentation Service

This service offering is tailored to your specific needs. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

The most frequent reasons companies turn to staff augmentation services include the lack of required skills in the local market, the need for specific expertise, and the desire to decrease the cost of projects.

The most remarkable advantages of staffing augmentation are quick hiring, well-organised onboarding, and high retention rates. Usually, it takes us a few weeks to find the right people for clients which is surely better than hiring on your own which may take a few months.

The staff augmentation approach is explained as a way you engage external resources. Simply put, there are three types of engagement: remote consulting, on-site consulting, and individual or team specialists. The fourth is a blended approach where you might use all three types of engagement simultaneously.

The best approach is the one that fits your needs.

Usually, the staff augmentation process consists of a few core stages: requirements gathering, interviewing and hiring, proceeding to work, support.

A typical OT staff augmentation proposal contains the following information:

  • Statement of Work (SoW);
  • Required deliverables and tasks with a list of tech specialists you need;
  • Role responsibilities;
  • Rates;
  • Contract conditions.

Absolutely yes!

A detailed job description is one of the most important things in the whole process. It serves as a basis for the right candidate to be proposed. It is a sure fire way to find the right person faster without checking and asking you for additional inputs. We’ll devote sufficient time to compiling a very detailed description with you which will save time in the future.