Is IT/OT Convergence Dead?

Is IT & OT Convergence Dead? IT/OT Convergence: Is it bringing two worlds together? IT / OT convergence describes the merging of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). In the past, IT and OT departments have been working in silos, but in the past decade, organizations have started to see the benefits of connecting…

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OT Incidents
Why OT incidents hurt more than IT?

Why OT Incident Response is really different? It’s not a secret. There are thousands of companies providing IT incident response, but handful of companies capable of handling OT incident response. Some IT folks believe it’s mission impossible and they are not far from the truth, but the first step is to admit that OT incident…

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Bridging the IT OT Divide
Bridging the IT and OT Divide

Bridging the IT & OT Divide Why is it important to bridge the gap between IT and OT department?​ In the past decade, though IT and operations technology (OT) appear to be working together more frequently than in the past, they’re still far from being a united team, according to Automation World’s latest reader survey…

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